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Medical professionals are a special breed, indeed. Not only do you need to have the training, knowledge, vocabulary and sometimes licensing – but you need warmth and compassion to interact with people who are sick, in pain, or frustrated over insurance or the cost of care. The McIntyre Group has a unique human screening process – we dig deep to find people with the right skills and the right attitude for this specialized industry. So, how’s your bedside manner?

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    We cover a wide range of positions in this specialized area including the fields of: Administration, Financial, Information Technology and Operations. Some examples include: Medical Receptionists, Patient Advocates, Billers/Coders, Schedulers, Secretaries, Clerks, Data Entry Operators, Office Managers, Inventory Specialists, Collections Managers, Logistics, Supply Chain Specialists, Desktop Support, Developers, System Engineers, Project Managers, Analysts, AP/AR, Accountants, Management Level Candidates, and more.

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