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Candidate Questions

  • Should I consider consulting?

    Consulting is a perfect way to gain exposure, network with peers and get paid while you’re doing it. Consulting allows a client to see you in action. If you’ve been out of work for a while, consulting gets you in the door of a company, allows you to sharpen your skills and experience the culture. (It’s better than sitting home, isn’t it?) Plus, it may give you an opportunity to experience an industry you might not know, and a professional reference from someone new. 73% of temporary positions result in permanent positions – so consulting really is a win-win situation.

  • How should I prepare for my interview with a McIntyre recruiter?

    Bring anything you can that demonstrates your skills. Is it a portfolio? Is it metrics from your last job? Show us, don’t tell us! Have a list of questions about the jobs you’ve found here on the site, or other companies you may be interested in. Get more tips and tricks in this article, “Help Us - Help You!”.

  • What does a recruiter do?

    Recruiters wear many hats. (Seven, to be exact.) But at the end of the day, we are talent detectives, interviewing, having phone conversations, screening and helping candidates and clients find the right fit. Read this blog article, “Job Finder…No. Talent Detective…Yes!” to learn more about how a recruiter works hard for you.

  • Do I need to meet a McIntyre recruiter in person?

    We realize that if you’re currently working you may have limited time. We do like to meet candidates face to face, so we offer flexible office hours to meet you before or after your day. When all else fails, we’re happy to Skype with you if we can’t meet in person.

  • Are benefits available to McIntyre Consultants?

    Yes. McIntyre is pleased to offer a wide range of health, disability and other benefits. Please see our Consultants Resources page.

  • What is the best way to apply for a job?

    Go to our online job postings and directly submit your resume for a job that catches your eye. The McIntyre recruiter handling the job listing will see your submission. (Sometimes candidates will phone our office and ask to email their resume to a recruiter. But applying via the online job posting really is best – it ensures that your resume is visible in our database to other McIntyre Recruiters. Don’t forget to sign up for job alerts. You’ll be notified when a position gets posted that might be of interest to you.

  • Does it cost a candidate anything to work with McIntyre?

    No. McIntyre is hired and paid by client companies to recruit the best candidates to work at outside firms. There is never any charge to a McIntyre candidate.

Client Questions

  • How do you screen your candidates for technical ability?

    A group of technical subject matter experts from our network screen our candidates. We also offer formalized technical testing where applicable.

  • Can you provide multiple temps in a short period of time?

    We won’t promise you something that we can’t deliver – but we do love a challenge! We have worked around the clock to supply a client with 50 customer service consultants within a 72-hour period. So ask away and we’ll tell you what’s possible.

  • Can you complete staff a startup company or an entire division?

    Are you a startup? Are you adding a new division to your company? If it’s one of the industries we cover, we’ll try to find all the help that you need. From junior-level to C-level. Need guidance on what positions you actually need? We can help there, too.

  • Where do your candidates come from?

    Our number one source for the best candidates – referrals. Over the years we’ve compiled a database of more than 150k candidates built through the relationships we have built and maintained. Additionally, we have an internal Sourcing Team that uses the latest sourcing tricks and techniques to recruit top talent and hard-to-find roles.

  • Why can’t I work with just one recruiter?

    Why would you want to work with one person, when you could have a team working on your behalf? Our recruiters are assigned to industries where they either worked previously – or have extensive experience getting to know the industry and its ins and outs. They’re subject-matter-experts and can use their expertise to help find the right person, with the right skillset and that will fit into your culture. If you have two open positions – for example an IT role and an accounting role – you’d have two recruiters, each knowledgeable in their respective industries, working to find the perfect candidate for each position.

  • What are the advantages of working with a local staffing firm?

    We’ve been placing candidates in the area local for nearly 30 years. We’ve met thousands of candidates, conducted thousands of interviews, and walked the halls of many of the companies we work with. With the exception of circus clowns and brain surgeons, there really isn’t much we haven’t seen or done!

  • Do your recruiters meet with every candidate?

    Yes. After each candidate completes an online application, they are prescreened to qualify their candidacy. We require that all candidates come into our offices to have a face-to-face interview with a recruiter. Most are met by at least two recruiters. Candidates are commonly tested on a variety of proprietary and uncommon tests to determine their academic and business skill levels. On average, only 3 in 10 candidates meet our standards.

  • Does McIntyre run an E-verify process and background check every candidate?

    Yes. All McIntyre consultants are E-verified. McIntyre conducts background checks on each consultant that is placed, and also on each permanent candidate upon offer of employment.

  • What are the benefits of Consulting-to-hire?

    “Try before you buy” is how we describe consulting-to-hire. The “getting to know you” period gives you and the candidate time to assess the fit – culturally and technically – before closing the deal. This “working interview” is an excellent way to manage cost, evaluate talent and make a smart hiring decision.

  • What are the benefits of hiring a consultant?

    Our consultants are trained to hit the ground running. Many of them are deployed in the field at multiple firms. They have the versatility and arsenal of abilities to cover your needs. Weather you have someone going out on maternity leave/disability leave, have in increase in work and need project based help, have a receptionist call out and need someone at your office to cover the front desk two hours from now (McIntyre On Demand), or someone to bridge the gap between a resignation and permanent hire…we have the quality candidate to get the job done right.

  • What are the advantages of a direct hire?

    Our direct hire/permanent searches are risk-free services to our client. We are a contingency staffing firm. No Win, No Fee. This is a free service until the day a candidate represented and takes a position. With a direct hire, you are also tapping into the untapped passive candidate pool who will most likely only make a change if it is a direct hire (vs. consulting-to-hire). It broadens the candidate pool with a larger selection and more qualified candidates.

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