“Try before you buy.”

Hiring someone is a big deal - this person will become a part of your payroll, a part of your output, and a part of your company culture. Sometimes, you need a trial run before committing.

“Temp-to-perm” (or “try before you buy”) is a solution we offer designed to help clients and candidates see if the chemistry is there. It’s like a trial period – if you both like what you see, you can commit. If not, you walk away with no hard feelings. But don’t be surprised if this hire turns out to be “the one”. We’re happy to point out that 59% of temp positions turn into permanent positions, and 73% of our consultants are converted into direct hires. Oh, and 99% of temporary/consulting employees who want permanent jobs do actually achieve their goal.

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Looking for professionals in financial services? We've already run the numbers for you.
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Get the tech support you need without having to go around the world to find it.
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30+ years of finding you exactly who you need when you need them most.
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Whether it's pushing pixels or managing projects to meet a deadline, we deliver.

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