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  • What’s expected of me, once I become a McIntyre Consultant?

    The McIntyre Group is personally invested in providing you with the best experience possible. It is our mission to find you your dream job. We hope that you will always communicate with us honestly and let us know if there is anything that we can do to assist you.

    What’s Expected of You?” • McIntyre has provided numerous ways for you to contact us. If you cannot arrive to an assignment on time, we expect you to phone us directly. If an emergency occurs, please use our Emergency Message Center for early morning or evening problems.

    • Should you have job interviews or personal obligations, we ask that you make these appointments either early morning or as late in the day as possible. Please speak to your McIntyre Staffing Manager so they are aware of your schedule and can contact your direct supervisor at our client.

    • We ask that you maintain regular contact with McIntyre so we can fully understand how your assignment is progressing and to help us better serve you. Please contact us with your direct phone number on assignment and call us at least bi-weekly with updates.

    • Please remove your iPhone/iPod, cell phone/PDA, or any other technology device while at your consulting assignment. You should not be receiving personal calls, answering text messages, or surfing the Internet while at work.

    • Each consulting assignment may require different business attire. We will apprise you of any dress code requirements prior to the start of your consulting opportunity. However, The McIntyre Group expects professional dress attire at all times. We recommend that you dress more professionally than expected on the first day of your assignment.

    • We have high expectations for our consulting team. When you commit to an assignment, we and our clients expect that you will fulfill your obligations and remain on your assignment until it is complete. Should an emergency situation occur, speak to your Staffing Manager immediately. Should you find a permanent position elsewhere, we expect that you, as a professional, will provide suitable notice to us and to the client, in order for a replacement candidate to be provided.

  • Should I consider consulting?

    Consulting is a perfect way to gain exposure, network with peers and get paid while you’re doing it. Consulting allows a client to see you in action. If you’ve been out of work for a while, consulting gets you in the door of a company, allows you to sharpen your skills and experience the culture. (It’s better than sitting home, isn’t it?) Plus, it may give you an opportunity to experience an industry you might not know, and a professional reference from someone new. 73% of temporary positions result in permanent positions – so consulting really is a win-win situation.

  • What does a recruiter do?

    Recruiters wear many hats. (Seven, to be exact.) But at the end of the day, we are talent detectives, interviewing, having phone conversations, screening and helping candidates and clients find the right fit. Read this blog article, “Job Finder…No. Talent Detective…Yes!” to learn more about how a recruiter works hard for you.

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