Why Content Quality Matters to Your Bottom Line

Content marketing is an alternative to traditional print and media marketing that focuses on advertisements. While traditional advertisements may be focused on showing off your company’s products or services to capture the attention of customers, content marketing is about meeting the needs of potential clients so you can build relationships and establish your brand’s value.

Content marketing is increasingly being embraced as a technique by smart companies that recognize consumers are overwhelmed with traditional advertisements. Consumers have a vast array of tools, from ad blockers to DVRs, that allow them to tune out advertisements.  Companies who want to reach these ad-adverse consumers must find new techniques and content marketing is a powerful one.

If your company is considering a content marketing strategy, it’s vital to recognize the importance of content quality.

Content quality matters because:
1) Content must be suited to customers you’re targeting:

Content marketing works only if the content is actually valuable and interesting to the audience you are trying to reach. If you offer stale platitudes or irrelevant content, the information you are sharing will be ignored as just another ad. But, if you can produce content that is informative, engaging and that fulfills a need that your clients or potential customers have, those clients will engage with your content and will take the time to come back for more. This is how your business builds relationships and establishes itself as an expert within your industry.

2) Your business must have clear objectives for content marketing:

Although one key goal is to produce engaging and informative content that clients want to interact with, you also need an end game for what you’re trying to achieve with the content. It does you little good if thousands of potential clients read written content or consume videos you have produced but never actually make the leap and convert to becoming a customer. You need to consider exactly what objectives you hope to achieve- whether it’s earning a sale or growing your reputation or increasing brand recognition- and you need to tailor the specific content that you are creating to achieving that particular goal.

3) Content must be aligned with your brand’s core message:

The content you create should reinforce the reader or viewer’s perception of who your brand is. This means that you will need to identify a voice for your brand and will need to always be consistent with every piece of content that you produce. If you are trying to show that your company is on the cutting edge and is committed to innovation, for example, you will need to produce content that touches upon the interesting and relevant topics of today to show you’re keeping up with industry news. You will also need to make sure that the production quality of any content you create is high so you can enhance your reputation as an innovator, rather than coming across as unprofessional or using dated technology.

4) Quality content will attract wider audiences:

You want your content to reach those who could become customers, and you want the content that you create to help your business build a vast network of peer professionals, current customers, and potential clients. This means that you need to reach the right people, and you want to encourage those people who you reach to share with others who would potentially be interested. People don’t share content that is boring or that is uninformative. Shareable content is not too long to read so it becomes cumbersome, but it is jam-packed with information that actually adds value to the life of the reader or viewer. There should be some type of payoff from the content, like becoming better informed about a topic of interest or being entertained or learning how to solve a pressing problem. If you can produce content that inspires emotions or solves issues that a reader was experiencing, your content should be shared to a wide audience and could potentially even go viral. More importantly, it will help you to build the type of strong connections that prompt readers and viewers to become clients of your company.

Are you looking for marketing professionals to help you boost your bottom line?

Marketing professionals who are being considered to run a content marketing campaign must be skilled communications professionals with a deep understanding of how to create effective, powerful content that caters to target audiences. The McIntyre Group provides help in hiring skilled marketers who are the best in the business when it comes to content marketing. Contact us to talk with our staffing professionals in order to learn more.