Welcome Local Grads: Why Hiring Hometown Could Be Your Best Bet

If your recruiting efforts aren’t going anywhere and you’re still on the search for top talent, don’t be afraid to conduct a local search. Many new grads in your town or city may be ideal candidates for entry-level positions and interested in staying in their hometown for the long term. You can take advantage of that by focusing some of your hiring efforts on local grads and students. You could be reaching out to area schools and college campuses to cast a wider net, offer internship and externship opportunities for quick job placement, and attract talented grads who can bring a local perspective to the table.

Here are some reasons hiring local grads from your hometown could be your best bet:

Easier Orientation Process

Starting a job at a new company can be intimidating for anybody. Starting a new job in an entirely new city or town can be even more stressful, and the time it takes to get settled and situated may be longer. If you are looking for a new hire who can adjust quickly and get to work fast, you may be better off hiring locally. Locals will be familiar with the area and only need to adjust to the new work environment. In addition, any local candidates you hire for sales or marketing positions may have a better sense of the area and the territory. They may already have a network of contacts through any internships or externships they completed during school which can help in their career.

No Relocation Costs

When you hire from out of state or even from another town or city, the prospective candidate may not be interested unless relocation costs are covered. Hiring locally means you don’t have to cover this expense and may even be able to offer a lower wage that is competitive to the local area. This not only helps you save money, but also time in getting the new hire on board. Many candidates who need to relocate will require a few weeks to coordinate the move. Hiring locally means you can get the position filled and have the new hire start almost immediately.

Easy to Reference

When you’re filling positions that require an extensive hiring process and lots of references, you may be able to get a better idea of the candidate’s work history and experience when they have employers who are already in your professional network. Local candidates may have professional connections you already know, which means you could get a better idea of a local candidate’s background. This process might also help you find an employee who’s a better fit with your company culture.