This year marked our 30th year in business - a moment that made me truly pause and reflect upon all that we’ve accomplished in the staffing industry.  We have helped thousands of people and changed many lives over the years.  We've improved our clients’ ability to do business better by providing top talent to them; saving them precious time by doing it swiftly and efficiently.  I have carried this euphoria with me for thirty years.  You’re never done and you can never lean in, but I was happy that I took 30 minutes to delight in our accomplishments.  Another landmark moment for us this past week was the roll-out of our company values.  I’m sure your thinking – “Why did it take McIntyre 30 years to create their values?”  Here’s the thing – a former partner of mine once said, “If you aren’t growing – you’re dying!” Companies evolve - hopefully they continue to get more sophisticated and change quite significantly over time.  We are not even close to what we were 30 years ago – we are far better and a much more advanced firm.  Everything’s changed: the way we work, the way we recruit, the technology we use – the list goes on and on!  Our values are now valuable and relevant once again…to us.  They have meaning. These are words to inspire us to do better and come to work every day realizing that this type of work is a privilege; people need us and count on us to do great work for them.  Danny Cahill once wrote, “You have to bring it every day.  If I am tired, I try to picture one of my competitors driving to work already on their headset, fully engaged, well rested, and happy to take on the business that I am too lazy to fight for.  This business – it’s not really yours, it’s on loan and it can be taken from you if you don’t protect it.” 

Any successful business should know – you’re never done – you’re never finished – and once you’re finished, you must start again.  But…for just a few moments, I will be grateful for all of the clients, candidates, former employees and current employees who’ve brought us here today. My appreciation goes to all of you and for the privilege of being in the staffing business for 30 blessed years.  

Take a look through our company core values on the ABOUT US page.