Up Your Resume Game

Be safe: Don’t put your home address on your resume. Keep it to your email address, phone number and your city and state.

Lose the objective: It goes unsaid that you are looking for a position. Use the extra space to create your pitch. Condense your most recent background and accomplishments into a brief, succinct and effective statement .

Have a skillset section: Recruiters and hiring managers plug names of software into their searches to find relevant candidates. If you are proficient in customer relationship systems, analytics software or  marketing automation tools, put them on your resume! !  Be sure to use the specific name of each program.  This will make you more searchable and accessible!

Skip the soft skills: They are not measurable and anyone can claim to have office etiquette. Use the space on your resume to add concrete information and hard skills.

Add Metrics: Have you exceeded your goals that were set by your boss? Did you increase social media followers? Have you improved productivity? Great! Turn these accomplishments into metrics. Do not just tell your future employer that you did it, tell them by how much and to what degree. This  will immediately make future employers start to think about how you can add value to their company!

Simplify: If you have been promoted at a company, you do not need to list the same responsibilities under each title. Just list your new duties under your new title and it is understood that you will be performing some of the same tasks as your prior position.

Don’t be redundant: Use a plethora of different action verbs.  For inspiration you can try Shift F7 or kick it old school with a thesaurus but do not use the same words over and over again.

Mind your tenses: If it your current position, use  present tense. If it is your former position, use past tense.

Watch your punctuation:  Remove periods from resume. Your responsibilities should not be written in complete sentences, so periods are unnecessary.

Keep it to your self(ie): Unless you are a card carrying member of the Screen Actors’ Guild, keep the picture off the resume. Let your experience speak for itself. 

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