Top IT Jobs That are Expected to Continue Growing

Information technology workers are building their careers during an exciting time because there is tremendous potential for growth within the IT industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified occupations with the most job growth potential, and many of those occupations- including software developers and computer systems analysts- are within the Information Technology sector.

Those who work in IT or who are considering a career in this field may wish to explore the possibility of specialization, or focusing on specific types of IT work expected to outpace general industry growth.  There are numerous IT careers that provide expansive opportunities, including these hot tech jobs:

Information Security Analysts:

With so many companies having their security breached and data hacked, it should come as no surprise that projected future growth for information security analysts is expected to be 37 percent by 2022.  Information security analysts typically have a strong background in computer sciences, often earning degrees in programming or a related subject. More schools are developing specialized programs due to an increased demand for information security analysts whose job it will be to develop security protocols and take effective steps to secure networks and avoid damaging data or security breaches.
Market research analysts: Intense competition in the field of information technology has more companies turning to market research analysts. Projected future growth within this field is 32 percent through 2022, and market research analysis has been listed as one of the top 10 best jobs for the future. Those who want to work as a market research analyst will typically need a bachelor's degree in computer science, statistics, or related fields. They'll use their education and experience to help tech companies better understand what end users want.

Developers of Mobile Applications: 

Projected future growth within this field is between 23 and 32 percent through 2020.  More consumers than ever are turning to mobile devices and mobile app developers have the job of creating programs that run on iOS, Android, and other phone and tablet operating systems.  Companies across every sector, as well as governments and marketing professionals will need help from mobile app developers to bring their products to the wide audience of phone and tablet users.
Computer systems analysts: Computer systems analysts typically have both business experience and computer knowledge. Many have a degree in computer-science or a related field. Their job is to design IT systems for companies that maximize efficiency.  Professionals within this industry are in demand, with projected growth estimated at 25 percent by 2022.

Web Application Developers:

Coding boot camps and computer-related degrees can prepare IT professionals to become web application developers. Web application developers differ from software developers because they are focused specifically on using the programming languages necessary to create Internet applications. Projected growth in demand for web-application developers is 23 percent through 2022.

Software Developers:

Software developers often have computer-related bachelor's degrees, such as a degree in computer science or software engineering. Again, experience could substitute for formal education. Software developers may build systems or create apps to meet the needs of end users.  Projected growth in the software development field is 22 percent by 2022.

Database Administrators:

Qualified database administrators with knowledge of Standard Query Language (SQL) and other database languages should have plenty of job opportunities. Database administrators usually must have a degree in a computer-related field or in management information systems, although proven experience can also qualify candidates for a database administration (DBA) position.  Candidates can benefit from high rates of growth in this industry, with demand for database administrators expected to grow 15 percent by 2022.

IT managers, computer support specialists, and cybersecurity analysts are also going to benefit from substantial growth within their professions. In 2015, for example, there were more than 371,000 new IT managers hired, which was a 3.1 percent growth rate.  During that same year, 85,200 cyber security analyst jobs were added, which was a 4.8 percent employment gain.

These positions, like others which are experiencing substantial growth in the IT industry, are aimed at making it easier for companies to implement new technologies while protecting the security of their systems. In a connected world, IT professionals who can better help companies in all different industries to use technology in a safe and effective way should always be able to find meaningful work.