Thrive By 25

On Saturday, January 9th, The McIntyre Group was proud to present at Thrive By 25 Regional Summit for Teens & Young Adults hosted by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. 

Thrive by 25 is an initiative focused on young adults and employers to address solutions at the intersection of education, workforce development and jobs with the goal of ensuring the economic well-being of our region’s young people by the time they reach age 25. Youth unemployment is at an all-time high  with 11% of young people ages 16-25 living in Fairfield County are neither in school nor working. The future of Connecticut and the success of the next emerging generation of leaders is at stake if we do not take a stand. Staffing managers, faith leaders, professors, bloggers, writers and young professionals joined together and spoke about various topics including: Building Your Personal Brand, Preparing Yourself for Job Interviewing Success and Transitioning from College to the Workplace.

Jaime Laufer, Senior Recruiting Manager at The McIntyre Group, presented on the topic "Building and Packaging Your Personal Brand" in two workshops -  the first was geared towards 16-19 year olds and second was geared towards 20-24 year olds. Jaime focused on the importance of being authentic and consistent with your personal brand. She also emphasized that personal branding is a powerful tool that provides an opportunity to engage and connect. 

For more information on Fairfield County's Community Foundation and how you can join the cause, please visit their website