Survey Says: Your Onboarding Process Needs an Update

Establishing a positive relationship with your new employees starts as early as the first day. If your onboarding process is out of date or leaves employees somewhat alienated from the  company, it may be time for a process update. You’ll need an effective plan to get new hires comfortable in the new work environment and eager to get started. Here are some key things you can do to improve your onboarding process:

Have an Agenda Prepared

Organize the employee’s first week of assignments, meetings and activities so they know exactly what to expect. Have an agenda prepared, listing all of these events and activities and work through it on their first day. This will make it easier to determine which managers or staff members the new employee will be communicating with and whether they will need to be assigned a mentor or trainer.

Organize the Workstation

You want new recruits to feel as comfortable as possible on their first day. Make sure their work-station is organized and fully functional so they can get set up with all of their logins, email, and other accounts easily. Leave a copy of the employee handbook on their desk and consider leaving a welcome card as a token of appreciation. Consider investing in ergonomic furniture so your employees can be as productive as possible.

Block Off Time for Orientation

New hire orientation may take a few hours or a few days, depending on your company. Make sure you have blocked off times for your employee for orientation so they can get acclimated with the work environment and meet their managers and other staff members in a formal setting. Consider taking the new recruits out for lunch during orientation days so you can learn more about them and improve the lines of communication. Provide your new hires with a summary of key points covered during orientation so they can review everything they have learned.

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