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Social Media Etiquette When Job Searching

In this digital age, employers are taking increasing interest in employees’ personal social media accounts. When on the search for new associates, oftentimes social media profiles are the first place recruiters and hiring managers look for further insight on a candidate. Here are some tips on making sure your social media profiles are prospective-employer ready.

Post appropriate content

Think of how your posts are portraying your personality. Believe it or not, the first thing recruiters or a hiring manager learn about you could be from your own social media profiles. It may not be a good idea to post a picture of yourself out at the bar every day, and it might not be a good idea to share a post with vulgar language. Look through your social media channels and decide if you would feel comfortable with a prospective boss seeing them. If you feel some of your posts are somewhat inappropriate, you should work on cleaning up your profiles, especially if you are job seeking.

Provide value

Social media is a fun place to keep in touch with friends and family, but it also serves as a great platform to share important career-related content. Think about sharing informational articles or writing your own posts about the field you are in, or even a field you are hoping to break into. You can also share links to your own resume, portfolio or personal website if you have them. Relevant, interesting content on your social media pages will show employers you are a thought leader and ready to drive meaningful conversations in the workplace. SocialMediaToday provides additional tips on how to foster your personal brand on social media.

Ways to provide value:

  • Creating and publishing content
  • Sharing vetted news or opinion articles
  • Commenting on posts where your insights will be useful
Engage with posts

Conversations on social media channels can be an easy way to meet and interact with new people. Making new connections online creates the opportunity to learn more about certain jobs or companies, especially when searching for a new job. Commenting or replying to posts related to your field of work will spark conversation with those in the same career as you. Brit+Co suggests joining relevant Twitter chats as one of the best ways to effectively engage with users outside of your normal circle.

Take a look through all of your social media profiles before starting your job search! If you are interested in job search assistance, contact a McIntyre recruiter today!