Phishing Attacks On Your Business

With new technology comes new possibilities - both helpful and dangerous. While it’s important for your company to stay competitive with up-to-date tech, you’ll also want your company and employees to be protected from technology pitfalls.

One big scam that was recently discovered is a new kind of phishing attack - which is a link that appears to go to one website, but will take you to a fake version of that website in hopes that you will enter your login credentials to be stolen. In this new form of attack, an email was sent to unsuspecting consumers with a link reading “” Although it looks exactly the same as the real Apple website, it was fake, meant to steal consumers’ credentials into their Apple accounts.

What does this new form of phishing attacks mean for your company?

In a business, the biggest problem for organizations with issues related to data phishing are actually for each individual. The common denominator every company faces when it comes to security issues: the human factor. Employees hold the keys to their company. Train. Educate. Protect. Encrypt. Ensuring that each employee is protected and educated with the proper tools is the same thing as protecting the company. If anyone is ever unsure and thinks “This may not be real,” or “This doesn’t seem right,” make sure to have a professional double check before any action is taken.

What kinds of actions can you take to protect your employees?

It is always a struggle to stay ahead of new types of attacks. One of the most important things to do is ensure that all spam filters, security applications, operating systems and web browsers are kept up-to-date. The attack mentioned above had to do with a browser that had keysets written in code show up as letters, leading to the fake Apple website. Non-updated browsers would not catch this, but recent updates such as Chrome 58 do. Make sure passwords are secure and changed from time to time. Always make sure remote workers are required to have an encrypted and secure connection to access any systems or sensitive information.

Beyond updates and additional levels of security measures, it pays to invest in the right talent who can keep your employees safe. If you are looking for IT talent to protect your employees and propel your business forward with up-to-date trends, get in touch with our IT-specialized recruiters today.