McIntyre’s 4th Annual Cook-off!

The spicy aroma of bubbling chili filled the air in the McIntyre kitchen this past week.  We brought back our original cook-off food selection of chili – it’s a favorite among the employees.  Participants took to the McIntyre kitchen preparing their best versions of a chili dish. Some paired their chili with a potato skin bar or added toppings such as Fritos. Judges scored each dish based on: overall taste, texture, aroma and color. It was a blind taste test, so each dish was displayed with a number in order to conceal the identity of each participant. After the scores were tallied, our winner was Kayleen Caruso – Accounting Manager in our back office at McIntyre. She was creative in the kitchen, that’s for sure! Adding ingredients such as a variety of dried chilies, honey, and a secret blend of seasonings, Kayleen’s chili brought out a bold flavor with a favorable spiciness that was unanimously liked by the judges. Kayleen received a gift card and bragging rights for her efforts. Congrats Kayleen and  great job to all of McIntyre’s competitors that made it a fierce competition!