McIntyre Presents: LinkedIn as a Job Search Tool

As we approach graduation day for the Class of 2016, The McIntyre Group is actively visiting colleges and organizations to help prepare the upcoming graduates (and even some undergraduates!) for their job search. Continuing with our busy event schedule, The McIntyre Group was proud to partner with the School of Business at Quinnipiac University to present “LinkedIn as a Job Search Tool.”

Our Talent Sourcing Leader, Shana Tsukiyama, spoke about building a LinkedIn profile that not only represents your experience and education, but also your unique brand and personality as well. Since LinkedIn is the first place a potential employer will look after you apply, the group went over which sections of LinkedIn are necessary to prove why they are a great hire. There was a great discussion about keyword optimization, profile pictures, and even how to frame your internships/part time jobs correctly to appeal to prospective employers.

Shana also covered the importance of LinkedIn as a research, networking, and job application tool. This included building insights on potential employers and companies all the way through to reaching out to people that may be able to assist you with those companies, whether they are personal contacts or just other LinkedIn members. The discussion also focused on job applications through LinkedIn and how to search, identify, and apply to opportunities that best match personal career goals.

Lastly, Shana was able to sit one-on-one with a few of the students to go through their personal LinkedIn profiles and make suggestions on how to build the profile that will help them get their first job. LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the go to place for everyone from recent grads to C level executives so perfecting your profile is vital for the job search.