It Pays to Get Ahead: You Should Never Stop Looking for Talent

Even though all of your key positions are already filled, there may come a time when people will be moving on with their careers or abandoning a position entirely at a moment’s notice. You need to be prepared to fill these roles quickly and can’t afford to hire people that you end up firing — or who end up leaving — within a short period of time. Having access to an active talent pool of qualified candidates is always a good idea.

Here are some important ways to continue the search for talent, and why it’s necessary in today’s competitive world.

Stay Active on Job Boards

Posting employment opportunities as soon as they become available is critical to your recruitment process, and you will want to review your job postings and salary information regularly to make sure you are staying competitive. Make full use of job boards by taking a look at competitor’s job postings and salary offerings so you can make yours a standout opportunity for the right talent.

Review Resumes Regularly

If your company accepts resumes from people interested in employment — even when there are no positions to fill — it can help to review resumes regularly to see what types of candidates are available and what they can offer. It may not hurt to schedule a preliminary phone interview to learn more about any standout individuals in case a position does open up in the near future. Making connections and taking steps to screen incoming resumes will help to speed up the talent search process when it is time to hire.

Work with a Staffing Firm

It’s not always easy to have access to an active pool of candidates, even if you have worked diligently to create a database of potential recruits and some understanding of where they are in the job search process. Consider working with a staffing firm that specializes in your industry, so you have access to qualified candidates whenever you need to fill a position quickly.

Finding top talent for your industry and filing specialized roles can be a challenge. Consider working with a reputable Connecticut staffing firm to assist with the recruitment process. The McIntyre Group uses an innovative approach to attract quality talent and can help you with your ongoing search for qualified candidates. Contact The McIntyre Group Today!