How to Spot Top Candidates From Their Resumes

When you’re recruiting for newly created or open positions and want to hire the best of the best, you’ll need to start the screening process by reviewing resumes. The resume will give you a somewhat accurate idea of the candidate’s work experience, performance ability and potential, but you won’t get the whole picture until you meet them in person. Knowing what things to look for during the resume review process can help you identify some of the most promising candidates before you even set up the interview.

Here are some of the most effective ways to spot top candidates from their resumes:

Review Educational Background

The position you are hiring for may not require a degree or diploma, but you should determine whether the candidate made an effort to complete a college education and what they studied. If you are looking for candidates with a degree, you’ll need to determine whether they have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or any type of advanced degree.

Assess Range of Work Experience

Consider the candidate’s career background, including companies they have worked for and the types of roles they have assumed at different companies. You want an experienced candidate for managerial and advanced positions, and also need to consider who may have worked for your competitors.

Consider Additional Skills

Many candidates will share any additional skills they have that would be assets to your company. If you are hiring for IT positions, for example, you want to know whether the candidate has programming knowledge or which programming languages they have experience with. If you are hiring for design positions, you need to know which software programs the designer has experience with and how much knowledge they have using some of the programs you use in your department.

Review Volunteer Experience

Candidates who make the time to volunteer may have additional skills that are valuable to the organization. Those who have led volunteer teams may have good leadership and communication skills. Those who have worked behind the scenes for volunteer organizations may have good teamwork skills and people skills.

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