How to Spot Temps You Should Hire Full Time

If your company is looking to expand your staff, hiring a temp worker is a smart approach to growing your team. Even when looking for a full-time employee, it can make sense for you to try out a temp first.

If you bring on an employee with the understanding the job is temporary, there won't be hard feelings (or a potential lawsuit) if things don't work out and the employee doesn't become a long-term staff member.  You won't waste time and money setting up an employee with benefits who isn't a good fit, and you can make sure the employee can really perform before offering all the training that full-time staff get.

The McIntyre Group can help you to find temp workers to hire as part of an “extended interview” that will make it possible for you to evaluate their performance as full time candidates. Once our staffing professionals have connected you with qualified candidates, you need to know what to look for to decide if a temp is worth hiring full-time.

Here are a few key signs to watch for that suggest a temp worker would be a good addition to your full-time team:

Eagerness to learn: Intellectual curiosity is one of the most important skills to look for in any employee. You want someone who is always eager to learn how the company works, to understand the whys and hows of the job, and to find ways to do the job as well as possible.  A temp worker who is eager to learn about different aspects of the business would be a valuable asset, if brought on full time and given the chance to grow.

A good fit with your current staff: Pay attention to how the temp worker you hire fits in with your corporate culture. Does the employee seem to be a good addition to your team and get along well with others? Do they bring something to the table that your current staff is lacking? If so, they could be a great person to hire for a fresh perspective and to enhance the skills that your staff offers.

Strong work ethic: Is the temp worker a clock watcher? Do they look for extra jobs to do or are they only willing to do the minimum necessary to get by? You should ask yourself these questions as you observe how a temporary employee works. Temp employees who hope to get hired for full-time positions are usually on their best behavior. If they are slacking off now, they probably won't improve if you hire them full time.

Professional business practices: Does one of your temp members always dress professionally, show up on time, exhibit excellent manners in the office, and submit error-free emails and other high-quality work product? Their professionalism can be a major sign that they are ready to be a valuable full-time member of your staff who will represent your company well.

The McIntyre Group makes it possible for your company to hire temp workers who will exceed your expectations and who you will be clamoring to hire. Give us a call to find out about the assistance our staffing professionals can offer with all of your hiring needs.