How to Keep Your Employees Happy in the New Year

Happier employees mean more productive employees! In a 2017 nationwide study, 82 percent of job seekers are open to new job opportunities. So what can you do as an employer to keep your staff happy and motivate them in the new year?

Team Building Events

You tend to spend more hours of your life with the people you work with than you do with others. Think outside of the box to come up with fun ways to connect with those you work with, outside of the office. Team building can help you get to know each other better on a personal level which will help your team work better together too. Some examples of team building exercises you can try are escape rooms, scavenger hunts or community service projects.

Offer Incentives

Rewards for a job well done can be a good thing for employees and for employers. Provide incentives and rewards for your team to build positive morale and you will begin to notice more productive performances. The incentives could be monetary - like paid time off, stock options, gift cards, cash awards or bonuses. An example of some non-monetary incentives are offering flexibility with hours, free training, a thank you card, thanking them publicly and team lunches. You can also ask your employees what they would like as an incentive!

Create Internal Surveys

Send a survey to your team each month to ask how they are doing. Giving your employees a chance to provide feedback creates an opportunity for you to evaluate their feedback and adjust your process to keep your employees’ satisfaction on the rise. You could even keep the surveys anonymous to make sure you are getting truly honest results.

Give More Responsibility

Even if you can’t give a raise right now, giving an exemplary employee more responsibility will help them feel more valued. Reward deserving team members with a better job title. If you want to promote them, giving less supervision on a project can show trust. Offer an outstanding employee more say in the decisions of the company or on big projects.

When your team feels more valued and appreciated, they will be more productive and efficient. Try out these ideas in the new year and you will surely notice a difference in the morale of your team. Looking for more outstanding employees to join your team? Contact us to find your dream candidate!