How to Be Transparent With Your Recruiter

In our blog How to Tell If a Recruiter is Being Transparent, we gave tips for you to tell… exactly what the title says! It is critical that you find the right recruitment partner to work with in order to move your career forward, but you can’t forget that it’s a two way street. It is just as important for you to be transparent with your recruiter.

It can be downright nerve-wracking to share all your personal information with a complete stranger, but try to put yourself at ease knowing this is our job and we can only help you more with more insight. A recruiter’s job is to place you in the best possible position, so that you are satisfied and so is the client - all we want is a win for everyone involved!

Build a solid foundation of trust with your recruiter and let this process work to your advantage. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your recruiter will act as your voice and brand ambassador to get you the best opportunity possible.

Here are some of the top things to talk about when you’re being transparent with your recruiter:

Your salary.

This one is a bit controversial, and while I can see both sides of the argument, it will only help you to be transparent about the minimum salary you’ll accept, and where your ideal salary sits. This information will help your recruiter get you closer to your goal salary, and negotiate with the client on your behalf, without all the typical back and forth.

A lot of negotiation happens behind the scenes, and a recruiter can handle all of it without you even knowing, if you’re upfront with your goals from the start. It’s my goal to find a job that values you and pays you what you’re worth, so I will always be honest with clients on what my candidates deserve to make - even if I have to tell them their initial offer is insulting.

And… quite frankly, it is in your best interest and my best interest to get you the higher salary - because I’ll make commission on it! But I have to know what number you’re trying to hit to make it a reality.

Deal Breakers.

Is there a reason why you’re leaving your current position? Don’t end up in the same situation - let your recruiter know if you have any deal breakers for a new job! If you don’t want a long commute, bring it up. If you’re looking for a better benefits package, more PTO, office perks or a flexible schedule, that is all information that we need to get you closer to your dream job.

If You’ve Interviewed Elsewhere.

This one is big, for many reasons. First of all, I don’t want to send your resume to a company that you already applied to - this can seriously turn off a client and you could lose out on that opportunity altogether.

On the other hand, if you’re interviewing elsewhere it can make you more competitive. I can look for similar companies and positions, or even tell my clients that you’re interviewing and get them to raise their offer for you. A client might even be willing to skip parts of the lengthy interview process to get you an offer quickly if you are a competitive candidate.

Finally, if I know where else you’re interviewing, I can give you interview tips based on insider knowledge from working with those companies.

Job Search Barriers.

If you’ve had any trouble in your job search so far, such as needing additional training, let your recruiter know so that they can better assist you in finding your next opportunity. We know our clients - who is willing to train, who offers learning opportunities and more. Not only that, but good recruiters can usually tell you where to find external training opportunities, such as classes, seminars, conferences and more.

Hopefully now you can see why being transparent with your recruiter is so important for your job search. Coming clean about your goals and challenges will ensure that you don’t waste time on the wrong opportunities, be it cultural fit, salary or even a long commute. The more we know, the more likely we are to place you at your dream job!

If you’re ready to chat with a recruiter about your next opportunity, get in touch with us today.