How Getting Uncomfortable Can Help Push Your Career Forward

If you are looking for a new way to challenge yourself at work, it’s time to get uncomfortable! This may sound counterproductive, but it can be a game changer. Learn how getting uncomfortable at work can help shape your career path:

Ask for more responsibility

Asking your boss for more responsibility can be scary. Assuming you already have busy days and don’t want to turn your five day work week into a six or seven day work week, it can be daunting to ask for more tasks and projects. Though the thought of this might make you uncomfortable, the benefits will pay off. According to themuse, a great way to obtain more responsibility at work is to take on projects that have fallen to the wayside and finish them before your boss asks! Your boss will recognize your go-getter attitude and you will be the new go-to team member to take on large projects.

Talk to new people

It can be uncomfortable to strike up conversations with new coworkers or with random people at a networking event, but it’s beyond beneficial. Talking to new people in and outside of your company will expose you to new ideas and ways of thinking. This is a great way to make business connections and move your career forward in the future with new opportunities.

Subject yourself to criticism

Criticism can, at times, be hard to swallow - but it is crucial to growing and learning from your mistakes. Ask coworkers or peers from other companies to review your work and provide feedback. According to Your Office Coach, asking questions about how to increase productivity or how someone else in your position would handle situations differently can be an insightful way to receive helpful criticism from those around you.

Take on different tasks

We all have things we excel at, but what about the areas that could use a little improvement? It can feel uncomfortable and unnerving to take on tasks at work in areas you need guidance or are not versed in, but it will help you grow. The best way to go about this is to volunteer for a project, make it known up front you are not a master of the skills needed and make sure a fellow coworker will be available for consultation if you run into issues while working on your new project.

If you are looking to push your career forward, it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable at work! If you are looking for career opportunities outside of your current position, contact a McIntyre Group recruiter to help find awesome opportunities for you and your skillset.