First Impressions Are Key! Are You Presenting Yourself in a Way That Will Win the Job?

The McIntyre Group can help you to land your dream job by connecting you with top companies in your industry who are hiring. Once our staffing professionals help you to land an interview, it is up to you to wow the hiring manager so the company decides to bring you on board.

To have a chance at getting hired, you need to make a great first impression.  These tips can help you to ensure you enhance your chances of getting hired from the moment you walk in the door:

Dress for the part:

You need to look your best when you go to an interview. Depending on the industry, this could mean wearing slacks and a button-down or it could mean a formal business suit. Ask your recruiter about appropriate attire for the company if in doubt, or turn to the Internet to try to find out about the company's culture and dress code.

Show up on time:

It should go without saying that being late makes a bad first impression. Allow time for traffic, difficulty finding a parking space, or any other contingencies that could result in showing up tardy.

Be polite to everyone you meet:

From the second you arrive at the interview, your behavior is likely being judged. You need to treat every person with the respect that they deserve. This means thanking the doorman who opens the door for you; greeting the receptionist professionally; and saying a polite hello to anyone in the waiting room.

Avoid unprofessional behavior as you wait for the interview to start.

Don't pull out your phone or start listening to music in the waiting room. Sit quietly and wait for your chance to impress your interviewer.

Watch what your body language communicates:

When you finally meet the interviewer, make sure your body language conveys confidence and professionalism. Say hello with a firm handshake; make eye contact; sit forward in your chair; and avoid slouching or closed-off body language such as crossing your arms.

Pay attention to the words and tone you use:

As you talk with the interviewer, you want to keep your tone polite and your language professional. Avoid slang or empty words such as “like,” or “actually.” Try to avoid uptalk (making every sentence sound like a question) and don't speak too quickly and force the interviewer to struggle to keep up.