FBI Investigation On Cyber Security Attacks: Could It Happen to You?

Although the following will touch on some “political” topics, this blog will be absent of any political bias of any kind.

Last week many people took the time to turn their attention to what is usually reserved for the loyal audience of C-SPAN, as the world watched and listened to the former FBI Director speak on various matters. Regardless of political affiliation or opinion, one message was made very clear to all: America, both our government entities, and the majority of our private institutions and organizations, have a serious cyber security issue - mainly that cyber security is not taken as seriously as it should be. We are under constant attack from hackers across the globe.

Senator Mark Warner summed it up quite well: “To be clear, this investigation is not about re-litigating the election. It's not about who won or lost. And it sure as heck is not about Democrats versus Republicans. We are here because a foreign adversary attacked us right here at home, plain and simple. Not by guns or missiles, but by foreign operatives seeking to hijack our most important democratic process - our presidential election.”

Another example of this kind of threat was seen a few weeks ago when the ransomware known as “WannaCry” (built on stolen NSA tools) caused chaos across many parts of the world. The attack caused widespread panic within Britain's NHS, which actually ended up putting people’s lives in jeopardy. It also caused a wide array of Russian and Chinese private and public institutions to be crippled most of the day, and left the rest of the world in shock.

Recently, The McIntyre Group's technology division has been in contact with some Chief Information Security Officers (CISO's) to discuss industry trends, and the feedback was quite shocking. The overall tone was that companies are vulnerable, and that their IT departments are either under-funded or not equipped to deal with a real attack, though in most cases, both. One person we spoke to who works at a not-for-profit organization said his company is averaging around 200 unique attack attempts per day.

Hackers worldwide are in a constant state of finding the next best way to penetrate and attack infrastructure, data and sooner than later, independently connected devices. Everything is a target, from a company’s data servers, to your internet-connected-refrigerator.

There is no better time for company’s decision makers to move from a reactionary stance on InfoSec and Cyber Security, to proactive in protecting their organizations' most valuable commodity - their data.

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