Current Trends That Are Changing the Marketing Landscape Drastically

As a marketing company in the creative field, it is of vital importance that your business stay on the cutting-edge of trends. Marketing professionals must recognize what consumers are doing and what they are watching, and marketing campaigns must be tailored to meet the demands of today, not stuck in the past.

Marketing techniques become outdated and trends evolve more quickly than ever in the digital age, and you need a staff with their finger on the pulse of tomorrow. The staffing professionals at The McIntyre Group can help you to find marketing professionals who will help your company stay on the cutting edge.

Our staffing service will help you make sure your staff is ready to embrace the current trends ushering in drastic change to the marketing landscape in 2016 including:

The increasing importance of niche marketing:

Increasingly, consumers are customizing their news and media content so they see only information that confirms their worldview.  As consumers become more insulated, reaching consumers within their niche worlds is going to become a challenge that marketers must rise to.

The increasing consumption of live video:

More than eight billion videos are viewed on Facebook daily. Between YouTube, Facebook Live, and Snapchat, there are a vast array of options for consumers who want to watch live content. While 2016 may have been the year when streaming content broke into the mainstream, 2017 is likely to be the year when market penetration deepens. This means marketers must be prepared to compete in producing high-quality live video.... or at least being able to reach consumers who are watching it.

The advancement of virtual and augmented reality technology:

Average consumers are embracing virtual reality technologies, which are becoming more pervasive outside of a niche tech market. There are low-priced options to introduce more consumers to virtual worlds, while the phenomenal success of Pokémon Go shows that consumers are ready to step outside of the traditional 3D world. Smart marketing professionals will look for ways to take the lead in tapping into this growing market.

Experience-based marketing.

Reaching the millennial market is vital for most companies. If you want to be able to market to this generation, you need to know how they make spending and consumption choices. Increasingly, evidence is showing that millennials prize experiences over things. This is giving rise to a field of experience-marketing. Creative professionals who can excel in using experience marketing to effectively target millennials should expect their services to be in-demand.