Communication Skills That Can Help You Land a Great Job and Keep It

Communication during the interview is essential, so you may need to brush up on your communication skills before you respond to that interview invite. If you can’t communicate effectively with the interviewer, you may end up losing the opportunity to get that job offer. If you end up getting the job but don’t have good communication skills, you might have a hard time fitting in with the company.

Here are the essential communication skills that will help you land a great job and keep it:

Active Listening

Even though you’ll be doing a lot of the talking during an interview, you also need to be an active listener to be fully engaged in the conversation and not set yourself up for misunderstandings. Taking the time to listen and giving the speaker some space to convey their thoughts and ideas are essential to effective communication.

Writing Skills

Maybe you’ll be required to draft a personal essay or short paragraph as part of the application process. Or your application process might involve submitting a written assignment for review. Whatever the case may be your ability to persuade and engage the reader will earn you some points. It may be time to brush up on your writing skills so you can communicate effectively during and after the interview.

Presentation Skills

Whether you are responsible for presenting your resume or presenting yourself during the interview process, how you present is a form of communication. The way you carry yourself, the style you convey and how much charisma you have will all show through and are part of your communication style. If any of these areas is lacking or you don’t feel confident in one of these areas, it may be time to work on those skills so you can make a lasting impression.

Are you looking to land a new job?

Having good communication skills is essential for helping you land a great job and keep it. Make sure you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses so you can impress your employer and secure the perfect job. If you need help with your job search, work with a staffing firm like The McIntyre Group for assistance.