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Is It Time to Tweak Your Recruitment Process?

Many companies do not put enough focus on developing the most effective recruitment process to assemble the best possible staff. Others fail to adjust their recruitment process as the company evolves. To determine if your organization needs to tweak your recruitment process, consider the following key factors.

How to Keep Your Employees Happy in the New Year

Happier employees mean more productive employees! In a 2017 nationwide study, 82 percent of job seekers are open to new job opportunities. So what can you do as an employer to keep your staff happy and motivate them in the new year?

Why You Should Focus On Recruiting Millennial Leaders

A lot of recruiters in this industry call themselves “executive recruiters.” It makes them sound high-level, experienced and important. The truth is, most of them aren’t executive recruiters. It doesn’t make sense for an early-career recruiter to think executive level recruiting is for them when they haven’t had the time to build those relationships. Executives at most companies have built their relationships through the years, and no matter how good of a recruiter you are, they tend to stay loyal to those relationships.

Why Content Quality Matters to Your Bottom Line

Content marketing is an alternative to traditional print and media marketing that focuses on advertisements. While traditional advertisements may be focused on showing off your company’s products or services to capture the attention of customers, content marketing is about meeting the needs of potential clients so you can build relationships and establish your brand’s value. 

What is the Key To Quality Customer Service?

Companies cannot succeed without customers, and companies providing both products and services ultimately must be focused on pleasing those who pay for their products. As a result, every business needs a focus on providing top-notch quality customer service.