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Entry-Level Tips

Your Next Big Job is Here! Make Sure Your Social Media “Self” is Ready for It

If you’re one of the many job seekers with at least one social media account, make sure you’re paying attention to your social profiles when you start sending out those applications. It doesn’t take long for a potential employer to do an online search and discover your social profiles — your public Facebook activity, Twitter feed, Instagram account, and any other social media accounts you maintain are all accessible through a basic search engine inquiry. It’s your responsibility to make sure your social profiles are ‘employer friendly’ so that you don’t give the wrong impression.

Here are some things you can do make sure your social media ‘self’ is truly ready for the job search.

Text Speak: NSFW

As recruiters, the majority of our days are spent speaking, writing, and reading everything from emails to resumes, portfolios, and blogs. This is often our first impression of you, whether we meet you in person or via phone or Skype. Whether you are seeking a new position or just looking to network, using professional and grammatically correct speech is very important to hiring managers and...

The Best Job For Your Personality

Personality… A word to describe a person’s appeal or lack of appeal – their image. A great personality implies a likable person, interesting, entertaining, someone you would enjoy being around. But when you break down the personality in a scientific manner, your able to tell a whole lot more about a person.  Scientists who study personality theories see the personality as a complex concept...