people playing chess while talking about recruiting and possible jobs

Always A Recruiter

Recently, I had a personal call on my drive home with a customer service representative. He was friendly, helpful and professional. I was very impressed with his service.

At the end of this pleasant call, like a well-oiled machine, he asked if I had any additional questions. I said, “Yes: what state are you in?” As luck would have it, he was located just 30 minutes from where I work. He was curious why I asked, so I told him: I’m a recruiter, and I think you’re great.

Long story short, he promised he would share his resume! To him, it was a routine call that ended with an unexpected opportunity. For me, it was a call that ended with a potential candidate! You never know where your next candidate will come from, so always be recruiting!

Here are some tips to help you and your company to be continuously recruiting:
  1. Look for the holiday help. During the end of October, I stopped into Halloween shops and introduced myself to the seasonal employees that I knew would be out of a job after the holiday. The same goes for other big ones like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Look for department stores and specialty shops like Edible Arrangements or flower shops that take on temporary help. If you notice outstanding service, ask the employee if they have employment plans next month.

  2. Look for other unique seasonal employees. Teachers tend to be free during the summer months and could be looking for some extra money, making them potentially great candidates for seasonal temporary positions. You could also look for the employees or owners whose businesses close down during parts of the year.

  3. Act like a politician. Talk to everybody! You can’t ever make enough good connections, and it never hurts to compliment a prospect or lend an ear when they have job woes. Who knows, you may be talking to your next client!

  4. Always be prepared. Take your business cards everywhere with you. Identify people who are friendly and competent and ask what they like about their job. Let them know you’re a recruiter and need employees just like them. Flatter them and let them know they’re great!

Use these tips to stay on top of your recruitment game, no matter where you are or what time of year it is. Stay ahead of your competition by looking for employees in unique places and making face-to-face connections (or by phone if you have to). Never stop recruiting and you’ll never have a talent shortage.

Need an extra hand in your recruitment department? Get in touch with one of our experts and gain access to their bench of talent. After all, our recruiters are always recruiting!