Your Next Big Job is Here! Make Sure Your Social Media “Self” is Ready for It

If you’re one of the many job seekers with at least one social media account, make sure you’re paying attention to your social profiles when you start sending out those applications. It doesn’t take long for a potential employer to do an online search and discover your social profiles — your public Facebook activity, Twitter feed, Instagram account, and any other social media accounts you maintain are all accessible through a basic search engine inquiry. It’s your responsibility to make sure your social profiles are ‘employer friendly’ so that you don’t give the wrong impression.

Here are some things you can do make sure your social media ‘self’ is truly ready for the job search:

Check privacy settings.

You may not realize that some or all of your posts on various social networking sites are public information. Whether you’ve been tagged in a photo at a friend’s party or are posting updates about what you did this past weekend, there’s a risk that a potential employer will see it — and yes, judge you for it. Make sure to check your privacy settings so most or all of your personal information isn’t readily available to the general public.

Update profile pictures.

Are you giving the wrong impression with some of your profile pictures? If you don’t have a professional profile picture for LinkedIn and want to make a good impression, make sure to update that photo with a professional headshot. If you use your Facebook or Twitter account for both business and personal use, you may want to use a more professional image on those sites as well. Ultimately, you want your potential employer to take you seriously and that may not happen if your profile pictures look too candid or border the line of unprofessional.

Be mindful about what you post.

Remember that anybody can view your updates and make assumptions based on what they read — even if it’s out of context or has nothing to do with them. Be careful about what you post publicly and avoid controversial subjects such as politics and religion if you want to keep things professional. If you’ve already posted about these subjects, go through and delete the posts or hide them from the general public to clean up your social profiles.

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