Things to Do After Every Interview

3 Things You Need to Do After Every Interview

When you’re busy with a job hunt and running from interview to interview, it helps to analyze how things went before you jump into the next company’s hot seat. Interviewing can be a learning process if you know how to deal with rejection and figure out what you need to work on to perform better at the next interview. Taking some time to reflect upon the interview and outcome can help you get one step closer to landing the job of your dreams.

Here are three things you need to do after every interview:

1.Analyze How Things Went

Did you show up on time or were you late? How did the interviewer respond to you when they first saw you? Did you feel anxious or confident when answering the first few questions? Recall how things played out can help you determine where your weaknesses and strengths are when it comes to interviewing for a job. From there, you can make corrections for the next interview opportunity.

2. Update Your References

Many interviewers will be checking references within a week or two of conducting the interview — some check references sooner than that. Make sure all of the references you provided are up to date so your future employer can get what they need easily. If you think someone may not be easy to get a hold of, don’t be afraid to provide additional references so the employer has plenty of contacts to reach out to when verifying your employment. You can also have a running list of references available in case your prospective employer couldn’t find what they needed and wants to reach out to additional contacts to verify your employment.

3. Prepare for the Next Interview

You may not hear back from the prospective employer for several days or weeks, depending on how many people they are interviewing. Don’t wait for the call back. Instead, send a ‘thank-you’ note as your follow up to make contact, but don’t ask for anything further. Continue applying and interviewing at different companies so you can improve your interviewing skills and negotiate more offers when they come in. This will give you some leverage when it comes down to accepting the final offer and put you in an in-demand position. The employer who already interviewed you may come back to you during this time, giving you some negotiating power.

Are you looking for your next interview?

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