3 Critical Interview Questions You Must Ask

Choosing the right questions when conducting a job interview can be a challenge, but there are certain questions that can give you some insight into who the person is, what their expectations are and how well they will perform in their new role. Knowing how and when to ask these questions will give you the critical information you need to make a good hiring decision.

Here are three critical interview questions you must ask during a job interview.

How did you handle conflict with your last boss or a former co-worker?

This can be a loaded question, but for good reason. The goal of asking this question is to get a better understanding of how the employee describes the situation and whether they point fingers to complain about the boss or coworker, or share how they took steps to resolve the situation. Those who are focused more on fixing and not blaming will be your strongest employees.

What’s one of the toughest decisions you have ever had to make?

This question is designed to evaluate the individual’s willingness to take risk and responsibility for their choices. You want to get an idea of how they identify a problem, what steps they took to face it, whether they felt challenged and how they overcame the challenge. You want to determine whether the individual makes intelligent risks versus compulsive decisions. You also want to learn how their decisions may have affected those around them.

How do you make sure your work gets done?

Responsible and experienced employees will have worked out a system for themselves that allows them to get their work done on time and stay organized. No matter what types of stressors they may be faced with, smart and productive employees will take the time to prioritize, be cognizant of deadlines and due dates and exhibit strong communication skills to provide project status updates when necessary. You want to ask this question to get a fair understanding of how an employee handles their job responsibilities.

Asking the right questions during the job interview will influence your hiring decision.

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