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McIntyre On The Move at The Corporate FunRun!

The McIntyre Group was happy to join in on the activities as a sponsor for the 4th annual Corporate FunRun Fairfield County 5k - an after-work, company team based running/walking event. The event brought together over 70 area companies and over 1000 team members that participated in the race. The night’s events included the race followed by...

Is It Time to Tweak Your Recruitment Process?

Many companies do not put enough focus on developing the most effective recruitment process to assemble the best possible staff. Others fail to adjust their recruitment process as the company evolves. To determine if your organization needs to tweak your recruitment process, consider the following key factors.

Setting Career Goals That Will Benefit You This Year

When determining what you should aspire to, it is important to set the right goals that are achievable, that you can hold yourself accountable for, and that will actually make an impact on the level of career success you are able to achieve.