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Why Content Quality Matters to Your Bottom Line

Content marketing is an alternative to traditional print and media marketing that focuses on advertisements. While traditional advertisements may be focused on showing off your company’s products or services to capture the attention of customers, content marketing is about meeting the needs of potential clients so you can build relationships and establish your brand’s value. 

What is the Key To Quality Customer Service?

Companies cannot succeed without customers, and companies providing both products and services ultimately must be focused on pleasing those who pay for their products. As a result, every business needs a focus on providing top-notch quality customer service. 

As You Target A New Job, Hackers Are Targeting You

You open your email this morning and see in the subject line of a new message, “We have reviewed your resume and would like to schedule an interview.” FINALLY! You open the message and see: “Please follow this link to fill out our online application.” It is the same process you have done for a few other jobs you applied for recently.

McIntyre Joins In On A FunRun

The McIntyre Group was happy to join in on the activities as a sponsor for the 3rd annual Corporate FunRun Fairfield County 5k, an after-work, company team based running/walking event. The event brought together over 70 area companies and over 1000 team members participating in the race. The night’s events included the race followed by live music, food, beer and, of course, McIntyre photo booth! Fun was had by all as the event poses as a great wat to introduce/strengthen health...